British RAF jacket, sheepskin, repro

361.99 USD
British RAF jacket, sheepskin, repro
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A quality reproduction of the classic British WW2 leather flying jacket, model Irvin. Made of real sheepskin & fur.

The only difference to the original model is the added slash hem pockets - admittedly a good move. Then there are of course the tags inside the jacket, which are in German.

Taking care of the jacket:

  • Avoid washing this. You really don't even need to, as leather does not soil easily, and all kinds of funny smells usually disappear from the wool with airing out.
  • We do recommend oiling your jacket from time to time - this keeps the leather supple and retains its water repellency.
  • Important: if the jacket gets wet, do not dry it near a heat source. If you do, you risk the leather getting dry and cracked. Air dry only!
  • Size system

    Look away from the letters. We have measured and tried these on and established a recommended user height and chest girth in centimeters. With these numbers the fit is comfortable and allows a decent amount of clothing underneath: as usual, nothing is absolute.
    Yes, there's a huge gap between Small and Medium.

    Factory new, made by Mil-Tec.

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