British Pattern 37 Large Pack, surplus

12.99 EUR
British Pattern 37 Large Pack, surplus
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It's about time they made a reproduction of the M7 gas mask bag! Since most issue bags are now fertilizing the French countryside, a reproduction is most welcome for those who need one. Like, everyone doing a US WW2 impression.

The British Pattern 37 type large pack, made in some Commonwealth country (Canada/Australia/India/UK...). A shoulder strap is included for carrying the pack.

This model dates back to times before the Second World War and very similar packs were actually used in the first one. It's as simple as can be: a rectangular pack made of indestructible canvas with a flap secured with two straps. The backside has buckles for attaching shoulder straps of your own, or you can use the included shoulder strap to carry this as a messenger bag.

  • Thick, tough cotton construction
  • Measurements approx. 32 x 32 x 11 cm (12" x 12" x 5")
  • A single, large compartment
  • Attachment points for both a shoulder strap and backpack-like L-straps (L-straps not included)

Commonwealth army surplus

Used but perfectly serviceable. Some are a bit scruffy, but everything is intact and works. These might be green, khaki, gray or bluish, or something in between. We don't differentiate.

Pro tip: see the modified pack in the extra picture - it's simply a Large Pack with extra basic pouches sewn on to the sides, and the whole pack is then blancoed with the nastiest colour shade available.

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4.5/5 31.05.2016
Mainio laukku, johon esim. saunareissun kamat mahtuvat heittämällä sisään. Helppo ja yksinkertainen käyttää, vahvoista materiaaleista tehty. Yli vuoden käyttökokemuksella voin suositella!
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