British knee/elbow pads, Desert DPM, surplus

9.99 USD
British knee/elbow pads, Desert DPM, surplus
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British CS95 trousers, Desert DPM, surplus

British CS95 trousers, Desert DPM, surplus

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Desert version of the best field trousers we sell: just a while ago issued British Army Combat Soldier 95 trousers. Get them, they're good!

Bollé Voodoo ballistic sunglasses

Bollé Voodoo ballistic sunglasses

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Protective sunglasses for cheap! These are really tough, as they have certified ballistic protection. We got an outlet batch for cheap, and once these are gone, they are gone.

Outdoors vest, Desert DPM

Outdoors vest, Desert DPM

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Super cheap good quality fishermans style outdoors vests, these are made from what appears to be genuine British Desert DPM cloth with MILSPEC Canadian slotted buttons. This is a one-off item, we are not expecting any restocks.

British army issue elbow or knee pads. One size fits all, padded for comfort, Desert DPM pattern. Sold in pairs. These are not hard plastic, but "soft". In addition to combat and shooting sports, these work well when gardening or painting the floor.

Used military surplus

Used, but in perfectly serviceable shape.

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