British Enfield No.4 bayonet, surplus

12.99 EUR 15.99 EUR
The canvas frog is not included!
British Enfield No.4 bayonet, surplus
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The British Enfield No.4 bayonet with a sheath. The British attitude to bayonets was a healthy one; these can be used for one purpose only: sticking holes in people.

Note! The canvas frog seen in the pictures is NOT included! You get the bayonet and its sheath. The value of the frog has been deducted from the price.


In used, but serviceable condition.

Warning! Before buying, please make sure that these are legal to import to your country! We take no responsibility if the customs officer confiscates your precious bayonet/knife/machete! These are perfectly legal in Finland and that is all we are interested in.

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