British coverall, flame retardant, surplus

British coverall, flame retardant, surplus

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Proper British coveralls with a flame retardant treatment for work safety. 100% non-metallic!

If you craft things in a workshop, you'll know the importance of protecting yourself. This coverall in traditional "service blue" is right at home no matter what you are working on. It looks professional and is functional too.

  • Full length front closure by velcro
  • Mandarin collar
  • Sleeve cuff adjustment by velcro
  • Two breast pockets
  • Regular cargo pocket on the left
  • Can pocket (500 ml) on the right
  • Access/ventilation holes behind regular front pockets


Very typical British sizing: first user height, then chest girth in centimetres. The cut is loose enough so you don't need to size up for room to move. The picture features a 188/96 cm bloke wearing size 190/100.

Material and care of FR fabrics

The fabric is 70 % cotton and 30 % polyester with a Flame Retardant finish. Follow the care label instructions to ensure it lasts. Machine wash as cotton in 60 °C with a suitable detergent. If oily, dry cleaning is advised. A dirty garment offers reduced protection against flames.

British surplus

Most of these are in factory plastics or just tried on, but the condition is not "new".


BW coverall, blue, surplus

BW coverall, blue, surplus

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