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British Cold Weather Combat Boots, Gore-Tex, surplus

British Cold Weather Combat Boots, Gore-Tex, surplus

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Winter is coming, embrace it! These Cold Weather Combat Boots with Gore-Tex lining are a top choice for winter conditions. Narrow sizes available! All in unissued shape.

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Winter is coming, embrace it! These Cold Weather Combat Boots with Gore-Tex lining are a top choice for winter conditions. Narrow sizes available! All in unissued shape.

Håplaa! These must make room for other models and our warehouse space for shoes is really tight, so get get get!

When the ground is cold, your feet can lose quite a bit of heat by conducting it to the surface. These military boots feature a thick PU outsole with insulating layers to keep your feet warm. The tread is coarse with a soft compound to maintain grip in freezing conditions. Apparently the soles are meant to be used on snow only - walking in normal conditions will wear it out very fast. If you have concerns about the sole, one option is to take the shoes to a cobbler who can grind down the tread pattern and glue on harder rubber for more durable traction surfaces.

The instep has regular grommets, followed by locking tunnels (not hooks!) and speed tunnels. This allows you to adjust the boots quickly to your feet. The shaft ends in comfy padding and has a sturdy leather pull-loop.

The toebox has a semi-rigid reinforcement and the tongue is thick for further comfort.

Size info

These shoes come in three last widths: Small, Medium and Large. They are the same as the US-designated Narrow, Regular and Wide.

In a nutshell, narrow versions have the width of one size down on the regular scale, wide ones have the width of one size up. I.E. a pair of boots in size 9S are as long as a 9M but as wide as an 8M. A 7L is as long as a 7M but as wide as an 8M.

If you regularly try to fit boots and shoes and feel that they don't hug your feet tight enough, and when you finally get a good fit your toes hit the front, then you'll probably be happy with the narrow S-lasts.

UK SizeUS SizeEU sizeFoot lengthFoot width
UK 7SUS 8N40253 mm 91 mm
UK 8SUS 9N41 1/3260 mm94 mm
UK 9SUS 10N42.5270 mm96 mm
UK 10SUS 11N44278 mm99 mm
UK 11SUS 12N45 1/3287 mm101 mm
UK 12SUS 13N46.5295 mm103 mm
UK 7MUS 840253 mm94 mm
UK 10MUS 1144278 mm101 mm
UK 12MUS 1346.5295 mm106 mm
UK 7LUS 8W40253 mm96 mm

Care info

These boots are lined with Gore-Tex, so be sure to avoid just any leather care products you might have laying around. Use only shoe polish made for Gore-Tex footwear to avoid blocking the pores on the membrane.

Being full-leather boots, these are easy to clean with lukewarm water, mild soap and a brush. Treat with an impregnation spray while damp, let dry and finish the job with the creme or polish of your choice.

The service life of any footwear can be extended by alternating between two pairs of boots to let one pair dry for a full night and day before wearing them again.

British army surplus

Made to very high standards with a genuine Gore-Tex membrane, high-quality leather and painstaking double-stitching all around. Unissued condition, most of the boots came to us in their original boxes.


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I would not recommend to a friend

A very sturdy and comfortable boot. excellent at keeping your feet dry. but it's weakness is the soles. they will crack crumble and this can happen very quickly at very inopportune time( being there have the teeshirt) spend extra on meindle or low as. it's worth it in the long run
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I would not recommend to a friend

Muuten hyvät popot, mutta niin kuin kaikissa vanhoissa ylijäämäkengissä pohja on se on heikko paikka. Näitä on hillottu hyllyissä yli 10 vuotta eli pohjan alkavat murenemaan aika nopeasti. Sääli.
Pidän tällaisen tavaran myymistä hieman ”moraalittomana” ainakin tuohon hintaan.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would not recommend to a friend

13.11.2019 (Edited 19.11.2019)
The boots were received yesterday. I 've tried them on for a couple of hours yesterday and for a couple more today, indoors. The soles are of horrible quality they started crumbling and falling apart today. I believe it's a cheap repro and definitely not an original British army surplus.However the store has excellent customer service. I have bought several items from them. This is a one-off.
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I would recommend for a friend

Kuukauden päivät olleet kengät sisäänajossa ja pieniä murusia lähtenyt pohjista irti(tuotekuvan kengän kengänpohja on enemmän kulunut), mutta ei mitään hälyttävää. BW kenkälankilla useamman kerran käsitellyt ja Jalaksen Fx2 viimeistelee hyvän käyttökokemuksen. Tukevat, mukavat ja lämpimät varsikengät, parhaimmillaan nämä on metsässä, pohja on melko jäykkä ja kenkä painava mutta kokonahkaisen rakenteen ansiosta oletettavasti kestävämpi kuin nailonilla kevennetyt serkkunsa
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I would not recommend to a friend

Boots arrived and fit well, easily broken in but after very little use the soles began to crumble and break apart.
Only worn 5 times. Disappointed.
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I would recommend for a friend

I love my boots and I wear them almost daily. These boots have gone on snow and ice, gravel, grass and wood land. They have seen very limited use on concrete and asphalt. The fit is perfect with a light pair of socks and they keep my feet warm and dry. They provide excellent support for my ankles and the soles are holding up very well with no problems to report.
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I would recommend for a friend

My boots where in perfect condition, very happy with them until now!
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I would recommend for a friend

Prefect fit, am well happy with them and the delivery was really quick, placed order on a Thursday received them the following Tuesday
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William B. 18.11.2019 (Edited 18.11.2019)
Just a warning for everyone regarding these boots. The MOD skimped on the quality of rubber used for the soles of both these and the general issue ‘CAB’, hence they only have a five year shelf life; they also haven’t been on issue since the brown boots took over circa 2009. They look great unissued and then they fall to bits. The actual boot is wonderful but you’ll need to have them resoled soon after purchase.
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Thomas M. 20.11.2019
Seconded on what William B. has said here. The rubber on these will have degraded and in my experience will only last any time in extreme cold weather. I suggest getting them to a cobblers and having a vibram sole put onto them, after which they will serve you well for years to come.
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Joseph G. 05.01.2020
I'm not sure what people are talking about as far as the problems with the soles. The soles on my boots are holding up very well and I wear my boots almost daily. The soles on my boots are soft and pliable.
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Joseph G. 17.03.2020
This is an update from my previous comment. I am still wearing my boots almost on a daily basis. I have been wearing them through fresh snow; crusty, icy snow; rough prairie grass; and woodlands. The leather has taken a beating from the icy snow and prairie grass. I've had to apply polish to the leather several times. However, the boots are holding up very well. My daily walks average 4 miles (6.5 kilometers). The soles show very little wear and are holding up just fine. So, why are others having problems when I am not? Does anybody have an answer?
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