Blackhawk Tactical Pant

Blackhawk Tactical Pant

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Your basic glorified BDU trousers as made by Blackhawk. That isn't to say these are bad trousers, on the contrary! If you want a pair of solid good black or OD "tactical" trousers and find a suitable size, get these. One-off lot from a defunct company for cheap. Now even cheaper, just get these off our shelves! Blackhawk pants for 39,99 EUR, hello?

As expected, these are made for action, so they're cut accordingly. Zipper & snap closure fly, large belt loops, elastic band on the inside to keep these snug, and another one to keep your shirt from riding up.

Straight leg, reinforced seat and knees. What these don't have are the useless tie strings on the cuffs. Just use blousers.

The pockets are plentiful; two normal slash pockets, two back pockets, suitably roomy leg cargo pockets and one secret zippered pocket behind the right slash pocket. All of these are made easy to use.

Fabric made of 65/36% polycotton blend, ripstop reinforced. Wash in 30 degrees Celsius.

Size info

Sized like jeans, first waist, then leg. Multiply these by 2,54 to get the centimetre measures. The leg is easy to shorten at least about a size or two.

Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

A company called Inttistore went under and we bought the whole stock, that's where these are from. These are cheaper across the board than they originally retailed for, and present excellent bang for the buck.

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Ihan laadukkaan oloiset ja yksityiskohdiltaan mietityt militaristiset ulkoiluhousut. Koko vastaa varsin hyvin perusfarkkukokoa. Istuvuus on muuten aika hyvä, mutta etumus tuppaa jäädä vähän pussittamaan, tai sitten en osaa kiskoa näitä tarpeeksi korkealle...
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