Belgian sleeping bag, surplus

39.99 EUR
Belgian sleeping bag, surplus
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This Belgian army mummy style sleeping bag is a great "three season" bag, warm enough for any temperatures above the freezing point and breathable enough for summer nights. A collar on the inside at neck height helps keep body heat from escaping through the opening. Full length zipper on the side, secured by a velcro flap.

We have no idea of any official comfort or extreme temperatures, we guess these should be OK down to zero degrees Celcius (32 °F, freezing point of water). Any colder than that and we recommend adding a warm liner or bivvy bag for extra insulation. We don't recommend using this bag alone in sub-zero temperatures. The breathable shell makes this a good inner bag when layering sleeping bags for extreme cold weather use.

Polyester filling, weight 2000 g.

No compression sack included.

Used military surplus

Used, but still in perfectly serviceable condition. These appear to have been carefully washed before being sold off which is nice!

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I would not recommend to a friend
4 lbs. , 6-1/2 oz., for any of youse what are too lazy to google a conversion. Rather heavy for a bag recommended for only three season use, IMHO. I suppose if you're car camping it could be serviceable, but whether I'm backpacking, bikepacking or even traveling by motorcycle, I'd consider this to be too heavy.
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