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Belgian M64 combat trousers, surplus

Belgian M64 combat trousers, surplus

Price 11.99 USD excluding VAT

Proper no-bullshit olive drab combat fatigue pants. Means these are really roomy, comfy and made to last.

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Proper no-bullshit olive drab combat fatigue pants. Means these are really roomy, comfy and made to last.

Just like the older camouflaged trousers but in olive drab and made of slightly more approachable cotton. Other incredible features include two slit pockets to access your junk inside, one back pocket and one cargo pocket. Buttons for braces and drawcord tightening on the waist and cuffs. Button fly, double fabric on the knees. That's it.

Size info

Sizes are given in centimeters, first up is user height, then recommended waist circumference. If you use the inferior Imperial System, divide the centimeter sizes by 2,54 to get the inches. If you pick your recommended size, you will have some extra room. This is how the trousers are meant to fit.

Below are the original Belgian sizes marked in the trousers, which is user's height / chest circumference in centimetres.

  • 1A: 165-170 / 80-90 cm
  • 2B: 165-175 / 76-96 cm
  • 2C: 165-175 / 86-106 cm
  • 2D: 170-175 / 70-85 cm
  • 3B: 175-180 / 90-100 cm
  • 3C: 175-180 / 86-106 cm
  • 4A: 165-170 / 80-90 cm
  • 4B: 180-185 / 90-100 cm
  • 4C: 180-185 / 88-106 cm
  • 4D: 180-185 / 110-120 cm
  • 5C: 170-175 / 86-106 cm
  • 5F: 175-180 / 85-95 cm
  • 6A: 165-170 / 90-105 cm
  • 7D: 170-175 / 95-105 cm
  • 7F: 175-180 / 95-105 cm
  • 7I: 180-190 / 95-105 cm


Used, but in OK serviceable condition. The knees usually have some evidence of field use, but otherwise these are clean and washed. We couldn't even find holes or anything.


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5 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

A very good and strong trouser/ under pants for general purpose . In very good condition ! Good ol' belgian clothes .
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I would recommend for a friend

These are a must have! I just received them today and they look to be unissued. Manufacturing date is 1987.They are heavy duty! I highly recommend these trousers! Thank you again Varusteleka!
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I would recommend for a friend

Large, comfy as hell and seems to be quite tough. Inphasis on L A R G E, you can pick a size or two below yours if that's not your thing. Also, only one pocket but a large one, the two side ones are just holes to access your second pant I guess? Dont do anything disgusting in public with these please.
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I would recommend for a friend

Roomy, comfy, and built to last. My pairs came in unworn condition and I wish I had bought ten more. The quality is better than you get from $200 casual trousers these days, and the dark green color doesn't scream "military cosplay".
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I would recommend for a friend

Some of the best work trousers I've ever bought. Fairly lightweight, tough, and truly fitted for suspenders. These were also my first suspender pants, so I'm really enjoying the way these pants work with the $5 suspenders I also bought.
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