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Austrian pullover, gray, surplus

Austrian pullover, gray, surplus

Price 13.99 USD excluding VAT

Well, it's another pullover of Germanic design, this time from Austria. And again ridiculously cheap for its quality.

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Well, it's another pullover of Germanic design, this time from Austria. And again ridiculously cheap for its quality.

What you see is what you get - no fancy stuff on these. Made of gray wool, with V-neck. The V-neck is especially important because it looks good with a tie - an important factor in field use.


We suggest washing in mild temperatures with wool cycle, about 30 degrees celsius. Hang dry.


Size info

Sizing: first the Austrian size number, then user's recommended chest circumference in centimetres in the brackets. The length also increases by size. Generally the fit runs a bit tight.

Genuine army surplus

In used, but serviceable condition. These have seen use, so expect all kinds of small repairs and general signs of field service - however these are not at all in rough shape. The colour shades also differ a bit, but all are "olive gray".


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4 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

29.09.2017 (Edited 30.09.2017)
The sizes actually run small. Too short for anyone taller than 180 and tight. If anything better get one or two sizes up.
Apart from that it came in mint condition and with a lovely grey-foliage green colour.
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I would recommend for a friend

03.10.2017 (Edited 19.10.2017)
Great pick, especially for this price. Real 80’s looks and good quality wool. Arms and lenght a bit short, pick at least one size up if that fits you better. The color I received is more Olive than grey, still...
Mine was a bit too short for my taste and the sleeves could be longer... Granny's trick book says: let the wool soak in very cold water and hang them to dry on a strong hanger in a warm place... And it did did the trick, the lenght is great and perfect, the sleevs can fold over like they should do as seen at the seams that are at the end of the sleeves at the outside, when folded they are on the inside... one of my favorite pullovers...
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I would recommend for a friend

Quite decent, especially for the price. Out of the box it looks like shrunken, with the sleeves so very disproportionate to the torso - but put it on and give it a bit of a stretch and it's ready to rock - real comfy, real sharp looking. Warehouse smell still hasn't come out of it, but you get to used it. Again, for the price, it's fantastic. What does it in is the sleeves - they look pretty long when worn, could be a good few inches shorter. Not as light a gray as pictured, more of an olive-grey hybrid.
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I would not recommend to a friend

Quality is good, the sleeves are ok but the waist is far tooooooo short on the one I got eventhough I got the larger size, and I´m just 175 cm, 70 kilos and about 98cm chest. Almos unweareble, unless you do some trick (if it works, don´t know) like the one of cold water I read in another comment. I don´t think I will be wearing it. Waist goes far too much up. It´s not comfortable. But as always with surplus....who knows what you´ll get.
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