ASP Handcuff Kit

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ASP Handcuff Kit
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A maintenance kit for ASP restraints. Quality at a very affordable price (normally over $100 in the US), these are old stock from Inttistore Ltd.

This kit is intended for the maintenance and repair of ASP Tactical Handcuffs. Included with each kit are:

  • Lock sets (10)
  • Lock set tool
  • Handcuff keys (10)

Lock set removal

Rotate the bow until it is outside the frame of the handcuff. Using the Lock Set Tool, depress the Lock Set tab through the square hole in the handcuff frame. Move the Lock Set upward toward the opening of the handcuff frame. Insert the Lock Set Tool between the cheekplates from the back of the frame. Pry the Lock Set up and cam it out of the frame.

Lock set insertion

Place the tip of the Lock Set into the front of the handcuff frame. Cam the Lock Set down until the Lock Set tab snaps into place through the square hole in the handcuff frame. Cycle the bow to assure that the Lock Set is properly seated in the frame.

Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

A company called Inttistore went under and we bought the whole stock, that's where these are from. These are cheaper across the board than they originally retailed for, and present excellent bang for the buck.

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