Anti-Corrol gun oil, 100 ml

Anti-Corrol gun oil, 100 ml

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High quality gun oil in a regular bottle. Works with most metallic things that need lubing. Contains 100 ml of oil.

Penetrates deep into the metal, under any blemishes and forms a strong film. Removes corrosion and dirt. The manufacturer states that anything treated with Anti-Corrol will not rust whether you store it in unheated attic or anywhere else where the temperatures vary.

Some facts:

  • Freezing point -60 C
  • Very flammable

As this really is quite flammable, we urge you not to smoke or do anything else stupid while applying it. Try to keep the oil away from skin and eyes. Keep away from children. Don't store it in temperatures over 50 degrees celsius or in direct sunlight. You know, the usual stuff. Best applied with a cotton rag dedicated for the purpose.

Made by Tampereen Öljytukku Oy in Finland. This oil has been in production since 1939.

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”Pihkautuu” ajan kanssa, eli öljystä jää jäljelle parafiini. Pahimmillaan kiväärin lukon saa keittää, että puhdistuisi. Tämän jos tiedostaa niin ok aine pidempi aikaiseen säilytykseen. Break Free CLP on paljon parempaa.
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