Alpina Police

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Alpina Police
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Almost full leather waterproof military/LE sneaker made properly! To the best of our knowledge, Alpina Police is all the rage among the Slovenian police forces and no wonder, this seems like a more than just decent boot.

A crossbreed of a sneaker and a combat boot, about as high as a traditional military ankle boot. However this is not a safety boot. Being meant for police work, these have the qualities such use would require:

  • Shock absorbing midsole, rough tread pattern on the outsole. Rolls along nicely!
  • Leather construction, with spots most prone to wear reinforced. Nylon tongue.
  • Sympatex membrane, keeps water out and lets your sweat out.
  • Cloth lace eyelets, with hooks on the top.
  • Decent insoles and Volume Control Plates to adjust the fit.

If you need a nimble, light sneaker boot for most seasons, these are a safe bet.

Size info

Sizes in the Euro system. The last is not overly wide, it's more like "Regular". A bit narrower than on other Alpina boots we stock. The leather does form to your feet over time, so if these are a bit snug at first, they should be perfect after a while.

You can adjust the fit with the included extra insoles called Volume Control Plates.

Manufactured by Alpina

Made in EU (Slovenia).

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Mulla on jalkapöydät romahtanut ja piloilla huonoista kengistä jonka vuoksi ei mitkään jalkineet oikein toimi... Mutta nämä, NÄMÄ ON IHANAT! Ei satu jalkaan vaikka pitäisi aamusta iltaan.
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