Varusteleka's Road Show

Leka Road Show

During the summer we will hit the road to tour some festivals and maybe even see which squares we can check out as well.

Our container shop idea is very simple: instead of hauling everything in the back of some lorry and setting up shelves, stocking items, unpacking, and whatever else, we'll just park the container, open the doors, and it's ready for business in about half an hour. More time to enjoy bee... the events!

The container shop's products will change from event to event, and of course we can't take everything with us. It's possible to order stuff directly from our shop to your home, or, if it's a multiday event, then straight to the container the next day! We've set up a pretty handy system to keep track of our container shop's stocks.

We did a trial run last December and headed for Tampere's market squares. The test was a success, so we decided to go all out and make it a reality. Now we're off to tour Finland.

Korian Erä- ja Vapaa-aika Messut

Tuska Festival 20th Anniversary

Jet World Masters 2017


Air Guitar World Championship / Kuuskan Paluu

It all culminates at Varusteleka's premises on Saturday, 2.9., when we will hold Epic Market Saturday X!