We've had our own separate staff flea market together with Epic Market Saturdays and we thought that why not make this an separate event. In addition, why not give our fans the chance to attend the event as sellers. And so it was decided to organize the first ever Varusteleka War Flea Market.

Come and join our sixth War Flea Market on the 21st of November. The event will be held in Varusteleka's warehouse, behind our walk-in store. There will be a lot of second hand stuff on sale, and undoubtedly some great finds!

The stuff on sale will consist mostly of military, shooter and outdoors stuff. Tradesoft Oy will be coming to the front of our shop to sell some airsoft stuff.

Restaurant Day

Since this event is held (purely by chance) on Restaurant Day, we will of course have some things for you to consume. Lángos, bug bar, TukTuk Travellers, Kainuun Sotilasperinneseura's soldier canteen, Helsinki Wildfoods, and Bullet Meal will show up to sell some of their unique treats. Oh, and we will also have a bar! You will have a chance to taste some of Pyynikki Craft Brewery's beers, which include our very own line of craft beers. The age limit to the bar is 18 years old.


Want to sneak a peak at what kind of goodies are available at our War Flea Market? The sellers and food trucks will be using the #sotakirppis hashtag to market some of their more interesting wares. So check it out and be quick or be sorry!

Do you want to sell your stuff?

If you're interested in selling your stuff at this event, please contact [email protected]< /a> for further information.

Photos from previous flea markets

Here are a couple of photos from the first War Flea Market:

Here are some photos of the staff flea market from the past Epic Market Saturday events. Fun fact: The name of the staff flea market has been for some time now "Eric's shit basar".

Proper assortment of boots.

The fast take all the cool stuff.