Varusteleka's shop and Bar Cafe Sotima

Varusteleka's shop

Welcome to Varusteleka's shop in the Konala district of Helsinki! Our walk-in shop and webhop's warehouse are located under the same roof - everything available through our online store is also available from our walk-in store!

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 10-20
Saturdays 10-18

  • 6.1. Epiphany 12:00-17:00


Hankasuontie 11 A, Helsinki. Free 2-hour parking for our customers. Remember to use your parking disc.


See the upcoming Varusteleka store and Sotima events here.

Payment methods

We accept cash (€), MobilePay, European debit-cards, Visa Electron, Visa and Mastercard. American Express and Diner's Club are not accepted. Global Blue tax-free shopping for eligible customers.


  • Janne K.

  • Valtteri P.

  • Tero

  • Marianna

  • Vesa

  • Roosa

  • Tiia

  • Mart

  • Ronja

  • Otto

  • Tea

  • Olli

  • Pauli

  • Laura

  • Lauri

  • Ilmari

  • Elli

  • Luca

  • Tuomo

  • Mika H.

  • Boy

Bar Cafe Sotima

New opening hours for Sotima

Monday-Friday 12-20
Saturdays 12-20

Welcome to Sotima! Sotima is a nice little hideout for friends of Finnish craft brewery products — beers mostly.

Our selection is wide and lively, and pricing lower than you'd expect.

As a bar-in-shop we have very nice staff ready to help you and have a chat, or just leave you be when you feel like concentrating on your favourite drink.


Both our warehouse and shop are located in the same large building at Hankasuontie 11 A, in the Konala district of Helsinki. The shop entrance is located on the south side of the building.

By car

Coming by car? Set your sights on Vihdintie (road number 120) and Konala. If you are coming via Ring I (Kehä I) drive west and get off at the Konala exit. Drive down the ramp and turn right towards Vihti and Konala. Next, look for the Malminkartano sign above - at this intersection turn right onto Malminkartanontie. Take the next turn left to Hankasuontie. After the turn stay on the right lane and drive past S-market. Drive this road for 650 meters and you'll find us on the right hand side.

Our store is located some 15-30 minutes from the center of Helsinki.

Public transport

You can also reach us from the center of Helsinki by bus departing from Elielinaukio by the train station, or by train (P-train or I-train) departing from the Central Railway Station (Rautatientori). All busses go along Vihdintie and take between 25-40 minutes to get here, depending on traffic. The nearest bus stop is a 5 minute walk from our shop.

The train takes about 15 minutes to get to the nearest train station, Malminkartano. The Malminkartano train station is a 15-30 minute walk from our shop, depending how well one can navigate through the suburb ( which can, admittedly, be tricky). We recommend you find the best route from your location by using Journey Planner by HSL. The Journey Planner is great for any short trips around the Helsinki metropolitan area.

A customer-friendly specialist store

Varusteleka has a walk-in store that is open six days a week. The store is located in the Konala district of Helsinki. Some people find it surprising that it really is your normal walk-in clothing store, not a warehouse or a flea market. Come in and see for yourself!

Not all of our products are on display in our shop, but fear not! Our store and warehouse are located under the same roof. Everything available through our online store is also available from our walk-in store.

Nothing needs to be preordered; simply walk in and buy what you need. Actually, we don't even accept pre-orders - to guarantee that items find their owners as quickly as possible. If you make an order through our online store, we will prepare it to be sent by postal services, and we do it fast!

We are ready and able to serve. Our customer service is friendly, professional and overall top-notch. And, of course, if you have any questions, ask away - we will usually have an answer regarding most types of militaria & surplus related questions. Service is available in Finnish and English (and sometimes in Russian and Swedish, too).