Repack packaging

RePack is an alternative to throw away consumerism. Two thirds of the carbon footprint of a cardboard box comes from manufacture, the other third from use and waste. RePack significantly reduces the impact by the return and reuse method.


How to use

Repack packaging is available for parcel deliveries. Repack is not available for letters. We share your contact information with Repack in order to enable the delivery of the campaign code. By using Repack packaging, you're helping us reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable development.

  1. Place your order and choose the Repack packaging with additional fee of 3,50 €
  2. You will receive your Repack-parcel.
  3. Open the parcel, remove the address card and flatten the Repack packaging.
  4. Close the package using the hook and loop fasteners.
  5. Mail the Repack packaging. No postage or stamp is required. The Repack packaging will be re-used.
  6. Repack will send you a 10 % campaign code for our webshop.

Repack returns and refunds

When returning some of the products of your order and asking for a refund, you can use the Repack packaging. You will receive the refund and also the 10 % campaign code.

If you return the whole order in the Repack packaging, you will be fully refunded. If you use some other packaging and choose to either keep the Repack to yourself or return it yourself, we will refund you the value of the order without the additional fee of Repack packaging.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Pack the returning products to Repack-package.
  2. Include the necessary information for your return.
  3. Close the package with the hook and loop fasteners and seal it.
  4. Send the parcel back to us following Returns and refunds instructions.

Please note

Our systems at the moment might not be able to accurately estimate the size of your order. Because of this, it might be that your order can’t be fit into the Repack-packaging, even if you have chosen it and paid for it. If this is the case, we will contact you and return your Repack-fee. Optionally, you can choose to have the Repack-package to be sent alongside your order in conventional packing.