Varusteleka's Midsummer Bingo

The year 2020 has been weird so far, and most fun things have been cancelled or postponed. That's why it's important to keep at least some traditions alive: the Midsummer Bingo! Midsummer night has been a magical night of celebration in Finland for thousands of years. What we Finns do, with our 100 000+ lakes and all, is go to the country, have the biggest party of the year, have the worst arguments with family, drink too much alcohol and then eventually drown.

Midsummer night usually collects the most drownings in the year, and the actual number of drowned people is always the biggest headline for all newspapers. Midsummer bingo, where people take guesses on how many actually drown this year, is a popular sport in Finnish workplaces, but we want to include our customers in it too. Let's make this international once again!.

So here's the deal: Make a guess on how many Finns will drown this midsummer night and you might win a prize! The actual number is usually between 1 and 20, but you can take as wild guess as you like. Before you get all worked up, note that most drownings in the midsummer happen when people get way too drunk and go boating without a life jacket or try to swim too far. This is our way of reminding people to act responsibly: do not enter a rowboat without your life jacket, don't go swimming alone or while drunk, and drinking doesn't necessarily have to strive towards the level of vomiting and passing out.

So as to motivate our Finnish customers not to drown, the price will be biggest for a guess of 0 drownings, and will gradually go smaller the bigger the number gets.

Prizes are as follows

The person who gets the number right will receive a Varusteleka gift card according to the steps shown below. If there are more than one person who guessed right, we will draw the winner.

Number of drowned people:Prize
0 persons 1000 € gift card
1 person 750 € gift card
2 persons 500 € gift card
3 persons 350 € gift card
4 persons 150 € gift card
5 persons 100 € gift card
More than 5 persons 50 € gift card

In addition to the main prize we will raffle out ten (10) Särmä Bathtowels in strichtarn between all the people who took part in the Midsummer Bingo!

Guess the amount of people to drown

Amount of drowned people:



It seems that since we made so much fun of the traditional Finnish midsummer weather, Mother Nature decided to show what she's got and give us a buttload of warmth and sunshine! Unfortunately this also meant that we had a higher number of people drowning than last year, a total of seven (7) people.

We're still below the average number of drowned people, which is 9, so it seems that we're learning something. If we just pay a bit more attention to safety, we can reach zero next year!

The 50 € gift card for guessing correctly was raffled to Jimi I. The winners of the lovely Särmä Strichtarn bath towels are Tommi A., Peetu P., Anna N., Jimi S., Ville L., Vili M., Robert T., Joosua T., Kellyta D. and James M.

All winners have been contacted personally.

Rules of competition

  • Fill the form with your name and contact information and guess a number and enter the competition. We will gather all contact information to a temporary register for announcing the results. The register will be purged after the raffle.
  • Many will guess the same number, so right guess does not automatically win - the winner will be randomly selected from the right guesses.
  • If there is no right guesses we will randomly select a winner from all participants and give away 100 € gift card.
  • You don't need to buy anything and we won't use your contact information for marketing.
  • It's strictly forbidden to try to influence the number by coming to Finland and drown or drown other people. If the winner has drowned in Finland or stands suspected for drowning someone in Finland, we'll select another. Self-drowning or drowning somebody in some other country does not affect the outcome.
  • Participating form will close 18th of June 11:59 pm UTC+3 and guesses after that will be discarded.
  • We will check the number of drowned people from the most reliable Finnish yellow media newspaper, Iltalehti, on the following Monday - 22nd of June - and declare the winner.
  • You may participate only once!

For additional material and for the cause: #midsummerbingo #juhannusbingo We will be more than happy to see your Midsummer Fest through these tags, so throw us with a post!

Please also have a look at our Cabin Fever product group!