Epic Market Saturday 8

Epic Market Saturday 8

Our biannual, amazing super event is here again. The store spreads out all the way to the warehouse and there's even some activities outside. Everything is on a nifty -15% sale. Lots of extracurricular activities and first and for most proper gear with even better prices than usually.

-15 % off on everything not previously on sale

The discount is valid only in the Helsinki Store on Apr 18th 2015. - Everything is on sale! This alone is enough to make most people come. You should come too.

And if it just so happens that you can't make it here and you're ready to risk missing out on the gear you're yearning for there's always the Epic Websundaymonday. The discount migrates to the webs at midnight Finnish time. The deal's the same: -15% on all the goods. This discount will be valid until Apr 20th 2015 and only applies to the webstore.

No cascading discounts! Since everything already on sale there will be no extra discounts so no other discount code or whatnot will apply. Discount doesn't apply to things like gift cards, services etc. because come on! We're not doing charity here... on saturdays...

Särmä and Terävä brand showcasing and sample sales.

We're showcasing Särmä and Terävä brand products that are coming out during the year 2015. Come and take a look at these novelties before they are released. The are leather baggy pants, U-boat leather jackets, merino wool granpashirts, Finnish m36 summer caps, orange rain coats and all kinds of stuff! There are new Särmä TST brand pouches and new Terävä brand knives. Ansku and Stefan from our office are there to answer all your questions... about the products that is.

We're also selling some of the samples we've procured during the product development processes. There are jackets for 30€, scarfs for 3-4€, backbags for 10€ and all kinds of clothing and other gear for very reasonable prices. There are also some single demos that never made it to production and even some samples of the goods already availabe. You better get here early if you want your hands on these babies. Welcome!

Pictures of previous Epic Market Saturday events.

Lets talk extras!

Arman Alizad

Our favorite immigrant is here from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. to tell you about his latest trip and give some autographs. Here's a chance to buy his book, Armanin Maailma and have it signed right away! Also Kukkoa Huuleen shirt and Siperia Opettaa shirt are on special sale for 14,99€ (normally 25,00 €). Maybe you can get these signed as well. Or your butt?

Jämi Fly In & Airshow

The guys from Jämi airshow are also here to talk about their cool show this summer. Lords of the sky Sami Saikkonen and Riika Kaipainen are representing.

Field kitchen guy

Just like in the Finnish army! First come, first served and the rest can starve. The field kitchen guy has almost always been a part of Epic Market Saturday and this time is no different. 500 first people will get peasoup, hard rye bread and juice. Unfortunately unlike in the Finnish army this kitchen hasn't seen any bathing conscripts and the food is actually hot but maybe you can live with it.

Scho-ka-kola girls

For some reason sexy girls with tight, German type uniforms appeal to our clientele. That's probably because they're handing out free chocolate of course. So that's the way it's gotta be this time too. Take the chocolate and enjoy it but refrain from touching anything else... you know... all gentlemanlike.

Varusteleka For Women workshop

There will be a chance to fix and modify clothes and apparel in the free Varusteleka For Womenin workshop! You have access to sewing machines, overlockers, materials and two trained seamstresses. You don't need any experience for the girls will help you out.

Beer serving area

If we get the permits...

Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo - Brewery

The fathers of our beers, the gentlemen for Pyynikki brewery are stepping out to share their wisdom on brewing and beer in general.

69 tattoo

The guys from 69 Tattoo are gonna set up shop in the midst of all the market madness. Walk-in tats for nice prices. You can get a service branch tattoo for 50-100€ or have your own pic made. Times might be busy so there's always a chance some of the more complex tats can't be done among the chaos. There are also ready to use pics for you to hoose from.

Warrior Coffee & Hardknocks Helsinki

Warrior Coffee people are coming to sell and market their superior coffee while our pals from the great pro MMA team HardKnocks Helsinki promote their sport and show off their biceps.

Medieval Combat Sport Finland

Medieval Combat Sport Finland are gonna take you back to the times of chivalry and hard core head hitting... with steel swords.

Epic Websundaymonay

Aliens from outside the infamous Ring 3 road often like to point out how unfair it is that they can't make it to our glorious event. Well because we're such good guys we're organizing an internet continuum for Epic Market Saturday. So when it's midnight in Finland to -15% discount migrates to the webstore and will stay there until monday. So everything in our webstore is on sale and will be until the end of Apr 20th 2015. If there's anything left after saturday that is.

Other discounts won't work during the Epic websundaymonday.

Also the discount doesn't apply to gift cards, rentals or services.