We use Posti, the Finnish postal company and Matkahuolto, a domestic alternative.

Almost 90% of shipments are packed day or two after the purchase has been made. If, however, we have a lot of orders in the line, we'll usually notify about it on the front page.

Domestic shipping: Parcels 4,00 € and letters 2,00 €.

We will add delivery surcharge of 3,50 € to products containing explosive substances. Some explosives' delivery methods are also limited to pick-up from store only and in these cases there is no surcharge to delivery. This information is also available on the products that are affected by these terms.


You can have your order packed in reusable Repack-package. Your E-mail is required information to complete the order. The e-mail is needed to send the discount code for our web shop to your e-mail. To do this, your e-mail is given to our partner, Repack. You might receive a survey about Repack-packaging. Your contact information won’t be used for marketing purposes. See more info on Repack page.


We also deliver dometic orders via SmartPOST. Please note the following when ordering with SmartPOST delivery method:

  • When you choose to pay with cash-oh-delivery payment method: SmartPOST-units accept only chip cards. Cash doesn't cut it!
  • Size limitations: Maximum size 60cm x 36cm x 60cm, maximum weight 35 kg
  • If your order won't fit inside one package, we will send your order using in multiple packages. In case the item won't fit inside SmartPOST-compatible packaging, we will contact you.

Payment methods

Domestic orders can be paid in advance with Checkout online payment (using Finnish bank systems or credit cards), Paytrail-account, Svea invoice or by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery means you can pay the order as you pick it up from the post office. Advance payment costs nothing, cash on delivery costs 3,90 € and invoice 3,50 €.


Finnish equivalent of Paypal. You register, submit your credit card details and its pretty much smooth sailing from that point on.


Bitcoin is accepted as payment in our webshop. It doesn't work in our Helsinki walk-in store yet, unless you order from the webshop beforehand, and wait for our morning shift to collect the items for you. We're working on a solution, but we're a bit short on coder resources, so it takes some time.

Bitcoin is actually a pretty good thing for all those who have difficulty in making foreign payments. You can buy Bitcoin in almost any country in your local currency, and after managing that, making international payments costs nothing and the payments happen instantly.

Svea invoice

Using Svea invoice to pay for your transactions is safe and easy. You don't need to use your payment card details and you will get your goods before you pay for them. The invoice will be sent to you separately via letter.

  • You get your goods before you pay for them
  • 14 days payment time
  • With Svea invoice orders it is not possible to add products to your order
  • You don't need to use your payment card details
  • Normal 14-day return policy with domestic orders
  • When using pick-up from store as delivery method, the person picking up the order must be the same person who made the order. Be prepared to prove your identity with a driving licence, passport or ID with photo.

Billing payment 3,50 € per order. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee of 5,00 € and 7,00 % interest + reference rate for late payment will be added to bill. Svea will check the customer's creditworthiness, which in some cases involves credit check.