Varusteleka's Container Shop

Varusteleka's amazing container shop is on its way to Tampere! This means that you guys in the Tampere area don't need to travel all the way to Helsinki in order to shop at Varusteleka. We're bringing along all sorts of great items, and there will be something for everyone! The shop will be in Tampere from the 7th to the 10th of December, and is open daily 7 - 17.

Container shop? What?

Yeah, so... We thought that we would try this popup shop concept in the form of a shipping container, customized of course. This means that we can throw a bunch of products in it and go set up shop anywhere we want. We could go to the middle of the forest, if we wanted. A nifty little package, no doubt about it! But why a shipping container? Have we not participated in events in the past without such a thing? Well, yeah. But not setting up shop will take less than an hour, which means that our employees will have more time for enjoying beer... er, the events. We have tested the container concept in front of our brick-and-mortar store, and we even let a bunch of teenagers run it for two weeks at a local school. To sum it up: it works! This container shop won't be an exclusive events-only entity, no. We'll take this baby with us to various cities as well and set up shop where ever we please. Or to where we get permission.