Army surplus by countries

    About the military surplus business

    Military equipment is traditionally excellent stuff; it combines durability with very affordable prices. Military surplus finds its way to the civilian market in the following way: the armed forces of one country or other decides to get rid of big batches of perfectly serviceable gear due to cuts in military budgets, said gear becoming obsolete or redundant or some other similar reason. Some of this stuff then finds its way to our storehouse, sometimes directly, sometimes through a third party. Every once in a while we also get random batches of collectibles and rarities from obscure corners of the world, keep your eyes peeled for these!

    Sadly, there is one big downside to dealing military surplus – the availability of gear changes wildly and the supply is varying at best. This means that, no matter how much we wished it were otherwise, sometimes we just have no idea when (if ever) we'll get a restock of certain products. Because of this we don't usually give promises concerning these matters, although we will of course try to give you our best estimate, whether it be ”maybe in two months” or ”dunno”. If we tell you we don't know, then we really don't. This is especially applicable when it comes to the sizes of used clothes. Used clothes come to us in unsorted batches that contain random sizes, and some 70-80% of these are what well fed westerners bitterly tend to refer to as ”children's sizes”. This isn't the result of some worldwide conspiracy, soldiers just tend to be somewhat more fit than your average civilian. For this same reason we will not promise to put aside larger sizes for customers, as we cannot be certain that we'll ever get said sizes. If we were to start doing this customers might have to wait years to ever get what they want, and that just wouldn't make any sense. It's very much a case of ”first come, first served” with these, we're afraid.

    To summarise: the above text only applies to used military equipment. With new stuff and reproductions we usually have quite reliable supply lines and sources and are able to order whatever sizes may be desired.