Public announcement to our foreign fans and customers

Published 21.05.2018
Finnish gun laws are often viewed as a good example of how things are done, since we have a very low level of firearms crime (especially with lawfully-owned guns), and a culture of shooting and hunting that produces world-class top shooters in many disciplines. Our dedication to defend our country is the highest in Europe, and our reservists are highly skilled by international standards.

This sensitive balance and good track record should not be thrown off without a very good reason.

The Ministry of the Interior has drafted a government proposal which primarily affects our Firearms Act. They claim that changes are required by the EU Firearms Directive, but the draft includes several measures not required by the directive. In other words: they are restricting gun ownership as a national measure and shifting the blame to the EU.

Should the changes pass, it would negatively affect the future of many sport shooting disciplines, compromise equal treatment of citizens, and retroactively criminalize possession of high-capacity magazines. Since it's only a draft and open to interpretation, the full scale of damage is difficult to estimate at this point.

A significant amount of our domestic customers are interested in militaria and shooting in general, and an even larger group are taxpayers who should be worried about spending money on heavier regulation with no foreseeable benefits to security. These are our reasons for speaking up on the matter.

We have urged people to educate themselves through Firearms United, a politically unaffiliated European alliance dedicated to this cause and nothing else.

As a first measure we have suggested that people contact their MP and voice their concern, and to also make a promise that a revised Firearms Act stricter than required by the EU Firearms Directive will result in a loss of their vote.

We don't have a 2nd Amendment to defend but our struggle is the same.


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