Postage removed from domestic orders

Published 01.12.2010
We are conducting wild human behavioural experiment with you, our beloved customers. The hypothesis is, with the postage removed the hopefully increased volume of sales will compensate for the removed income of the postage. Remember - this applies for domestic orders only.

Payment methods are tweaked in a manner that the Online Bank Transer is free and the Cash-on-delivery costs 3,15€. Cash-on-delivery method is not a postage fee, just an expensive way to pay for your order. We encourage you to use the Online Bank Transfer payment method!

So in conclusion, make our day and place an order! Ordering is so easy nowdays even via mobile phones so that you can even place an order whenever you want!

We are still working hard integrating additional payment methods for our international customers. Its too early to make any promises but rest assured, there will be wonderous new treats for you!