Changes to product images and descriptions

Published 10.04.2015

Jackets and shirts

DDR Volkspolizei greatcoat, women's, used - added a pic taken in cold weather
British Soldier 95 parka, ripstop, DPM, used - Added product review
Belgialainen parka, M88, oliivinvihreä, käytetty - added outdoors pictures


Austrian M75 field trousers, olive drab, surplus Added product review

Accessories and miscellaneous items

Finnish button braces, brown - the color is now more darker brown
Bullet Meal MRE Sandwich 400, Chilli Beef - the packaging changes on different batches, pics taken
Bollé Spider ballistic sunglasses - added a pic taken in spring weather
Särmä wool cap, red - added a pic from the forest
BW Esbit field stove, with fuel tablets - added product review
BW folding sleeping mat, used - added product review
Finnish combat boots M05 - added product review
BW Watch Cap, black, used - added product review
US 1qt canteen, Olive Drab, unissued - added product review
First aid kit, small - added product review
US ammunition box, .30cal, surplus - color changed from green to desert and a bit of spray paint here and there
Särmä combat gloves, leather/Nomex - added pics from the forge


BW toiletry bag, olive drab, used - added product review

Rucksacks and bags

Leather handbag - added manly pictures
BW Combat Rucksack, flecktarn, used - added product review

Tools and knives

Olight S15 Baton flashlight - updated product photos

Combat gear

BW webbing set, Flecktarn, used - added a pin up picture
US MICH TC-2000 replica helmet- added a pin up picture
Mil-Tec Modular System Carrier vest- added a pin up picture