Throne of the Regular Pig Man

In the heat of Surplusmania and madness, our very own Regular Pig Man has seized vast amounts of surplus ammo boxes and built himself a throne! Now, where did he get that idea? Well, anyway, it's time for us to dethrone that tyrant pig!

Somehow this Pig Man, who is normally seen topless, has found himself a merino hoodie. This is his weakness and a place to strike! For the next two weeks, all Regular Pigs who order a Särmä Merino Hoodie will receive a FREE .30 cal ammo box straight from the Pig's throne.

- This offer ends on 28th of April given that we don't run out of ammo boxes.
- To redeem this offer you need to be a Regular Pig. That means you have to be a registered customer and logged in on our webshop.
- The ammo box will be added to your order automaticly, no need to add it to your shopping cart.
- One per order/customer