Savotta's Valentine's Day Gift

Are you annoyed by the miserable weather, lost youth or your neighbor, Hank, that always seems to have it better than you? So are we but it isn’t worth it. When you accept the old oriental philosophy that your life could always get a lot worse, you tend to find something to smile about. For example, hiking in the wilderness with a good friend.

That’s why we put together a small Valentine’s Day campaign together with Savotta and Scandinavian Outdoor. In honor of Valentine's Day - which is called Friend's Day in Finland - we're giving away happy smiling patches to the first 50 people who buy a Savotta Jääkäri backpack or rucksack!

The campaign is valid until February 16, 2020. There are only 50 patches available, so the campaign ends when we run out of patches. Only one smiley patch per person!

The offer is valid in both the webstore and the brick and mortar store.

Put the smiley on your backpack and show the world that hiking even in stormy weather beats frowning at home!