In Finland we change clothes. At least once a week and turning your underwear inside out counts. Now that we're relocating our premises, we have to dress functionally. Thus, we have four well-thought attires planned for the next four weeks. Let's see what how this will turn out.....Read the full story


In Finland we change clothes. At least once a week and turning your underwear inside out counts. Now that we're relocating our premises, we have to dress functionally. Thus, we have four well-thought attires planned for the next four weeks. Let's see what how this will turn out...

Outfit Of The Week 4


The Operator

He looks to the left, then quickly to the right, breaking his tunnel vision once again. This man has hobbies which include guns, hearty beards and greasy humour. When you spend a lot of time with a group of people, maybe some elements will just stick. He thinks he's almost like anyone else out there in the streets: he's wearing different colours after all and the ballistic sunglasses don't look too military-goggle-like. Wisely he has left out the gun and crusader themed velcro patches from his cap.

Deus Vult

The operator kneels down, swings his Assault Pack forth, pulls out a cold beer, quickly opens it with one swift motion with his multitool and after checking the surroundings proceeds to sit down on a quiet bench to enjoy the summer. The flannel shirt and GTX sneakers were probaby a bit overkill for this weather but he'll probably be out late into the night anyway so it's OK. Besides, he can always zip off the lower legs of his trousers. It's not shame to be convenient!


After a while he gets up, does the familiar left-right gaze, checks his amazingly well-equipped shock- and waterproof watch (yep, he's on time) and lifts the Shemagh scarf a bit higher. He swings his backpack on again and with surefooted steps resumes walking, taking comfort in knowing he's going to meet likeminded folks soon for some politically incorrect laughs and beer.


Outfit Of The Week 3


The Gentleman

I got complaints at home that all my clothes are scruffy surplus finds from Varusteleka. I like to think I'm a sensible guy and don't wear combat fatigues to a funeral, but evidently, there's a conflict between her sense of fashion and mine. Of course, we discuss these things like adults.

Denim is something you don't immediately associate with army stuff, but the weather is quite hot right now so I chose the shorts version of Särmä Common Jeans. They aren't quite like my old British DPM trousers, but still comfortable to wear. The Särmä Henley shirt is made of merino wool, so it's not muggy at all and the style has some history behind it, which I like.


I wasn't going to buy new shoes so I'll keep my well worn Särmä ankle boots and Czech leather belt in regular use. The latter has had approving glances from my SO's university friends. Funny how leftists today see the "class" in class warfare and have no interest in war stuff.


Outfit Of The Week 2


The Construction Dude

They don't make 'em like they used to! Our construction worker longs after the so called good ol' days when safety regulations were more like guidelines and you never came to work sober, or at least that's what he thinks - he really wasn't there. Whether he's really working or just living some beer-fueled fantasies on someone else's site, who can really say.


With his Biker Boots planted firmly on the ground, he strikes the gravel with his old but indestructible Finnish army shovel, which was instrumental in winning both Winter and Continuation Wars, and probably the hallowed '95 ice hockey championship too. From the same pool of Finnish steel is his M60 helmet, already outdated during the Cold War but used to the 2000's nevertheless, with the safety features of a soup bowl. Hanging from his old Belgian army combat belt & Särmä TST belt loop is a very nice Fiskars axe, which will be extremely useful when some day-glo vest dude comes to question his rowdy presence on the construction site.

Of course a workin' man must have some of the rare old stuff with him; we strongly suspect that hidden inside his Särmä Denim Overalls is an Ukkomatti drinking tube or a cheaper Mil-Tec flask. Speaking of cheap but not cheapo, the basic Peltor Bull's Eye III hearing protectors are there just for the show: his hearing is already pretty bad from countless wet nights of bar karaoke, so there's no real need for protectors anymore.

The question is: are you living the dream?


Outfit Of The Week 1


The Hippie

Wow, we almost choked on our organic flaxseed detox nachos! Even our office hippies have to step out of our old premises as we're getting ready to leave the old rotting carcass we used to call our home. This has not stopped our more musical employees from playing out their tunes. Just step out and inhale some of that fresh summer as you tune that guitar.

This flower-loving dude didn't have to change his outfit to go outside. He's wearing Särmä Common Jeans and has topped his oxblood colored merino polo shirt with an Austrian service shirt. For some reason unknown, he has allowed his hair to grow way over military regulations and has had to use a Swedish scarf to keep his vision unobscured. Truly outrageous!

While some might beg to differ, this gentleman has not left his brains home. With him, he has his trusted PLCE gas mask bag filled with needful things. The Finnish summer can often surprise you, so he's packing a rain poncho and some snacks with him. By the looks of him, we're betting that he's the kind of guy who eats insects!

As we Finns here in Helsinki are getting ready for a couple of old foreigner dudes to go out on a date in our city, someone has to take care of this world. It's a serious job for the world reformers and hippies. Let's grab our guitars, pack in some love, and head out into the parks. It's Kumbaya Time!

Guitar *Check!*

Love *Check!*

World Peace *Out of stock*