War Flea Market and terrace opening 2019

It's been a while, but now, War Fleamarket is coming!

We accidentally a patio, and wanted to spice up the grand opening party for the terrace. What could be better than a good ol' war/outdoor fleamarket? Here's your chance to purge all of the unused military goodness onto a table and make a buck!

There's thirty (30) table slots, check out the link below and see if they are still there. It's not a shame to be quick... All of the tables are 210 x 70 cm and will be handed out using the come first, get first-princible

Eric's Shit Bazar - Eric's Shit and so on. A loved child bears many names. This will be the place for our staff to sell out their relics and junk. Check it out!

Kotka Steam Brewery will sail on to our terrace with their beer ship. We'll also give birth to our own terrace opening beer Le' Beer. Wheaty, sunny and also contains alcohol.

Helsinki based Sandwich Club is also around to destroy hunger with their barrage of foods.

Our Brick and Mortar shop is open and we have gathered a special circular economy and customer returns corner with all kinds of bargains!.


Buy a table slot from here!