Varusteleka's Remote Military March VRMM 23.-25.4.2021

Varusteleka's Remote Military March (VRMM) is again around the corner! See the event on Facebook. The form used to apply for VRMM patch has been closed.

Our lottery machine chose T. Kettunen as the lucky recipient for a 100 € gift card, and L. Lehtimäki and T. Rantanen for the 50 € gift cards. Winners have been notified via email. Congratulations!

We have now ordered the patches, and should receive them in the beginning of June. Those who opted for the code should receive their code to their email around that time. Those who ordered it straight to their home or other address need to wait a bit longer, but don't worry - you'll get your patch as well.

We're doing this the second time so it's a familiar tradition to all: each individual executes their march according to our guidelines and shares the fun on social media. This way we can keep our rucking condition in top shape and perhaps someone likes the way this sucks, right?

All participants who complete the challenge can redeem the desired Varusteleka's Remote Military March patch and will enter a raffle for 1 pcs of 100 € gift card and 2 pcs of 50 € gift cards. The patch is the same for all divisions and marching distances.

When: Friday APR 23rd - Sunday APR 25th of 2021.


  • Open: Your choice of clothing and shoes. At least 10 kg / 22 lbs rucksack from start to finish
  • Military: Combat uniform, boots that cover the ankle, at least 10 kg / 22 lbs rucksack from start to finish
  • Recon: Minimum requirements as in the Military Division. In addition, you must spend the night outside (under a tarp, in a tent or lavvu, or something along these lines) and march back during the following day. The marching distances can be chosen from the available ones below, for example 50 + 50 clicks. ATTENTION! Please be aware of your own performance level and health. If you are unsure or do not have the experience required, do not take on this challenge.

Marching distances: 25 km or 50 km (15.6 or 31.1 miles). The route is up to your choice but should include both paved and unpaved roads. The route should avoid areas that might be heavily crowded

Code of conduct: Alone or in small groups, minding situational distances. If possible, some sort of trailing or GPS tracking would be nice. Share your experiences on social media by using hashtags: #varusteleka #etäsotilasmarssi #remotemilitarymarch #VES21 #VRMM21

So fill your rucksack with rocks, replace the boot laces and go!

Some reading before the march

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