ESA CQB Course 14th - 17th of May 2020 (CANCELLED)

ESA Finland and Varusteleka present a four-day CQB course in Poland at the ESA facility. The course is directed at Finnish reservists.

Price for one person is 899 EUR. The course fee includes accommodation, full board (3 meals a day), G&A and transport between Warsaw Airport and ESA Campus. It does not include tickets from/to Poland. Click here to sign up!

Limited slots available: 30 persons max


The course is running from May 14th to 17th 2020, you should be present on the day before.


Arrive to the Warsaw airport no later than on the last HKI-WAW flight on the 13th of May for transportation.

Course location:

ESA Campus
Wlosciejewki 1
63-130 Ksiaz Wielkopolski

If you make your way to ESA Campus on your own, arrive no later than the 13th of May 2020 at 1830 hours.

Course contents

Course head instructor Pavka

Military Unit 2 Regiment in Hrubieszow (Long Range Scout)
Military Unit 1 Special Regiment in Lubliniec / (JWK) Commando Unit
Counter-Terrorism Training – Combat Team B – GROM
Maritime Special Unit – FORMOZA
ESA CQB Instructor

Close Quarters Battle 3 Days Training

  • Phased Movement
  • 360* / 3D Formation
  • Urban movement/target approach – procedure & tactics, the law of percentage
  • Two, three and four-man room clears
  • Fundamentals of room clearing
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Points of domination
  • Sectors of fire
  • Red Zone
  • Command and control
  • Shooting on the move
  • Target discrimination
  • Hallway clears
  • Stairway
  • Deliberate and rolling assaults
  • Force on Force drills - FX ammunition

Firearms Training for CQB

  • Weapon manipulation in dynamic tactical situations CQB/UW
  • Shooting from different positions and with obstacles : Cars/Barricade
  • Under stress shooting drills
  • Shooting in teams / Buddy Team Shooting
  • Room Clearing with LifeAmmo ESA 3D Shooting Range

1 Days For VCQB Training on the Range

  • Methods of weapon carry inside a vehicle
  • Shooting through glass windows
  • Shooting from vehicle/shooting inside the vehicle
  • Choice of targets
  • Use of Cover
  • Car Evacuation Tactics
  • Team Drills


ESA European Security Academy


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