Epic Market Saturday 9

Eeppinen Markkinalauantai 9

Epic Market Saturday 9

Varusteleka's amazing super event is here again! We'll have some great sales, so this is something you definitely won't want to miss! Or shop is going to be open as usual, 10.00 – 18.00, but during that time we'll have everything from a tattoo booth to barbers, and then some. Come for the sales, stay for the show!

Amazing Special Offers

We went to Germany especially to find deals for this year's Epic Market Saturday. We found a lot of interesting and amazing things.

Our selection of deals are something to behold - come early! These offers are valid only in our shop 23.4.2016, 10-18.

Mil-Tec Assault Pack, Large -25% (reg. 39,99€)

Danish first aid bag -20% (reg. 24,99€)

BW sleeping bag, surplus (Carinthia Defence 4) -17% (reg. 129,99€)

Finnish Army leather jackboots, only 9,99€! (reg. 29,99€)

Finnish E-tool, WW2 model, surplus -25% (reg. 19,99€)

Finnish M/55 steel helmet, surplus -40% (reg. 65,99€)

Finnish gas mask bag, surplus only 4,99€! (reg. 9,95€)

Särmä light fleece jacket, only 24,99€! (reg. 45,99€)

Woolpower Tee 200, green -25 (norm. 49,99€)

Pure Waste Womens T-shirt Skrama flower, only 5€! (norm. 19,99€)

40% alennus seuraavista:

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D MID GTX Forces
  • Salomon Quest 4D Forces, black and desert
  • Salomon XA Pro 3D MID Forces
  • Salomon Toundra MID WP
  • 15% alennus seuraavista:

  • Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid Forces, burro
  • Salomon XA Pro 3D Mid GTX Forces 2, black
  • Salomon Jungle Ultra, Burro
  • Salomon Quest 4D GTX Forces, burro and black
  • Salomon Quick Lace Kit
  • Eric's War Bazaar

    An old favourite from our War Flea Market, Eric's War Bazaar is back to bring you some rarities from Varusteleka's staff. You'll find everything from new to old, issue to reproduction gear.

    Jämä products presentation

    The people involved in making our beloved Jämä product line will be there to tell you a little about what goes in to designing and creating some of our most popular items, as well as showing off some new and upcoming products. Starts at: 12.00


    Our bar, Sotima, will serve cold handcrafted beers through out the day. M-m-mmm!

    Pictures from previous Epic Market Saturdays


    Belenos Fire Show

    The talented performers from Belenos will be putting on an amazing fire- and hula hoop show for you. Remember to stay until the end for this!

    The show starts at 17.45 at the loading dock.

    Fafa's Smokery BBQ

    Damn good barbeque straight out of Finland. If you're a fan of slow-cooked juicy meat, you won't want to miss this.

    Groom Barbers

    Thanks to our pals at Groom, you, too, can look as stylish as your 1st day in the army. Haven't been to the army? Not a problem! You can still get your head shaved for that authentic ”Oh shit, I'm in the army now”-experience!

    Jämi Fly In & Airshow 2016

    Jämi Fly In's Sami Saikkonen is back to tell you about what this year's show has in store.

    Kuivalihakundi (Beef jerkey guy)

    Do you like beef jerkey? Well have you ever tried Finnish beef jerkey? That's right, Kuivalihakundi will be there showing off his selection of tasty beef jerkey, all made with Finnish beef.

    Medieval Combat Sport Finland

    Talk about old-school army reenactment, this is proper old school! These guys have the heavy armor and swords just like they used in the old days. And they fight each other! Come watch the fights or just to take a closer look at their cool gear.

    1 vs 1 match starts at 10.00, 3 vs 3 match starts at 13.30, both in front of the loading dock.

    Soup wagon guy

    As you've come to expect, that old reliable soup wagon will be here once again dishing out nothing but the best pea soup. And it's free!

    S.F.A.T. Paintball & The Duel Tunnel

    Challenge your friends to a duel in SFAT Paintball's duel tunnel.

    Petrie Art

    Want some ink? Tuukka Ahonen from Petrie Art will be at tattooing at EML this year. He will be drawing tattoos on the spot and will also have some small flash in tow. The guys at Petrie Art also do leather tattoos, so bring that old leather item and maybe spice it up a bit! Be sure to bring enough cash for this.

    CPE & Haix

    CPE, the parent company of Haix, will be presenting their boots as well as some of their other products that you won't find in Varusteleka's shop.


    Salomon will come to tell a bit about their selection and the hottest products for the summer.

    Epic Market Saturday's Epic Afterparty!

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