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Terävä (Finnish for sharp, or "blade'y" as in "something with a blade") Maybe someone guessed it already, but this will be our very ownbrand of knives. On top of the pretty well known Skrama bush knife we already have a few other models being released in the near future!

Finland and knives are such a big thing worldwide that we decided thisthing really deserves a brand of it's own. All Terävä knives are 100%Finnish made, made in Kauhava (the puukko capitol of the world) by LaurinMetalli, a company whom we'd like to identify as the number one large-scalemaker of Finnish knives. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftmanship at it's best!

Although we in Finland have a lot of experience and incredibly deep knowledge of the actual making of knives the unfortunate fact is that new ideas really don't come up that often and most manufacturers just stick tomaking the same puukkos they have made since the dawn of time. Not thatthere's anything wrong with that!

What we want to do is combine this incredible experience of Finnish knifemakers with new, functional ideas. The Skrama being a good example: an age old design brought to new life, a bit of clever design features and high quality, functional materials. This is the simple recipe of success! By the time of writing this we have already sold thousands of these blades all around the world and it even seems that Terävä is becoming a challenger for the big names out there.