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Särmä TST

Särmä TST - clothing and gear for military use

Särmä TST is a Finnish military clothing and gear brand and a part of Varusteleka, Finland’s leading military retail store. Särmä TST was created for the simple purpose of providing Finnish soldiers with proper quality commercial alternatives for the mass issue gear and clothing. Since our humble beginning in 2013 we have expanded from simple subdued rank patches to a full range of combat gear and clothing, with new designs constantly under development.

Key design points

  • The Nordic climate: We design our gear primarily for Nordic users. This is most evident in our clothing system, but also affects some details of gear design.
  • Weapon systems: Locally used small arms, RK assault rifles, PKM machine guns etc. are naturally what most of our fighting gear is built around. Same thing goes for comms equipment etc.
  • Local production: Working with a number of experienced manufacturers in Finland and our neighbouring Baltic states assures flexibility and reliable QC.
  • Finnish MILSPEC: Much of the raw materials we use are made according to local military specifications. But since most of our products utilize more advanced materials than issue kit we like to think of our gear as being “up to and beyond Finnish MILSPEC”.
  • Military cooperation: On top of tons of unofficial field tests and input from Finnish soldiers some of our projects have led to cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces, unfortunately we can't disclose further details about these projects.

“Särmä” [?særmæ]: Finnish military slang used to describe a number of good qualities and things. A well performing disciplined soldier or unit could be called “särmä”. “Särmä” can also be used to describe inanimate objects such as well made beds, correctly cut hair or an immaculate uniform. As a verb “särmätä” can be to tuck in one’s shoelaces or to check your fighting gear for loose buckles or straps etc.

“TST” is a bit more simple, an abbreviation for “taistelu” (=combat). TST is commonly used in the military to refer to anything “fighty”, everything from combat vests to main battle tanks.

Särmä TST Clothing System

Take a sneak peek at our upcoming Särmä TST Clothing System!