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Swiss META-50 field stove, used

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A surprisingly versatile field stove from Switzerland. The Meta-50 dates back to the early 30's and has remained pretty much the same ever since. A completely viable option even today!

One outstanding feature is the possibility to cook two different meals and keep the first one warm while preparing the second. After the first meal is done, you put on the second kettle, but instead of a lid you put a collar and the first kettle on it. This way you don't have to set the first meal aside, where it would cool down.

When it comes to burning stuff, the stove is flexible. You can use Esbit-tablets, fuel gel (as seen in the Swiss emergency field stove) or a popular alcohol burner. Other methods are possible as well, if you prefer tinkering instead of consumerism.

Held together with one leather strap, the package includes a frying pan, two kettles (approx. 1 litre each), a collar, base piece, windscreen and handle. All this weighs only 750 grams.

The leather straps vary in colour. Most are white or red. We're not into any kind of segregation, so we won't pick 'n choose.

In used condition, but perfectly serviceable. Nicely cleaned too, no sot was found on the random stove sets we opened up. Made in Switzerland.


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